The Tardiness of my Post.

Hi, sorry I’m not coming here with much today, but with Spring Break here, I’ve been having mini vacations and get together and I just find myself forgetting. I’m hoping ill overcome this problem with school starting soon, but for now I’ve got close to nothing. However, I have decided that I’m slightly altering my objective. I don’t know if this is really a whole new topic, but I found it really boring researching how to make a comic book cover when all I found was pretty much what I showed you guys last week. I did, however, find some simple steps to making characters and some aspect of a cover. So you start with a sketch of the character. You then practice redrawing that sketch to insure that you can redraw them so they look the same. You then work on their facial expression, and once you’re done that, you have can work on giving their bodies different positions. As for the cover, I heard that a Z shape outline is best, so it takes your eyes from one corner of the book through the middle and down to the other corner. The logo and text is what usually provides the guideline, as if you’re using a different inking company, they will probably put their logo on the page. So you have the title at the top, a logo in one of the corners at the top, and the artist’s signature in the opposite corner. Just some info I wanted to share, as for what I want to do with next, I wanted to research a particular comic book artist, just because I do like the topic but the research for making a cover wasn’t very fulfilling. That’s all for now.
– The Duke


At Least a Bit Interesting

Hey guys, so I haven’t fully answered the questions I had to what I had hoped, but with spring break here and me having limited time, I’ll have to keep this one short. So I found out that there are many approaches in making covers, but I was particularly looking at comic book covers like DC or Marvel. Well, I found different artist have different approaches and styles as well. I’ll try to get into more detail with artist on another post, but for now I have found that when making a homemade cover, you pencil in a picture(draw it) and send it to an inker. This inker apparently adds the shadows, if you haven’t done so already, outlines and adds colour to the picture as well. Personally, I thought the process would be much more difficult for a homemade cover, but I guess I was wrong. Once again sorry for a post that lacked information and the tardiness of my post.
-The Duke


Hey guys, so I’ve been thinking about what I would like to learn, and it took me a while, as I wanted it to be slightly educational and it had to be something I was interested in, so I chose comic books! I don’t read a tone of them, but I’ve read some and I watch the movies. I find the characters and the powers really unique and interesting, and I was just wondering how you make them, specifically the cover. I know an obvious answer would be you write some dialog and draw pictures, but I want to know the process, as I am quite sure that the pictures were not hand drawn and coloured. I’ve seen so many different styles of covers, and my goal is find out how to re-make some of the styles. Hope you guys find this at least a bit interesting.
– The Duke

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People of My Age

So I know that not many people outside of our PLE project will read or comment on this post, but even a couple peoples input is better than none. I’m going to be asking you guy’s two things today, so here we go: The first problem I have is related to art, so bear with me. So as I’m sure you know from assembly, there is a movie being filmed here over Spring Break. I’ve been told there going to be doing a scene in the art room, and that there looking for some art pieces to put as background props. I don’t think a ton of people know about it, so the competition shouldn’t be that tough. I think a painting is the only option, since a drawing might be too hard to see and I don’t think there really looking for a sculpture. However, I’ve spent more time switching between pictures to paint then I have actually painting. I’ve had a couple of ideas, but none of the have really stood out. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas on what you think would be a cool picture to see as a background prop. The second question I have is regarding sports day. There has been a meeting discussing what we might be doing, but I thought that opinions from other students would really help. Any comments about what you want to see at sports day would be great!

Thanks for your help,
-The Duke

The Blogger Wrote

During the time spent on the PLE project, I’ve found that it’s been sometimes difficult to find the time to spend on the projects. Though the time spent in class is often great fun, it’s still a challenge to get all the work completed in time. While I have learned a lot about a good social and learning environment, I think the most useful thing I’ve learned so far is how to actually make one, like this blog. The blog is my favorite part of the project, but I don’t spend enough time on it, I think, to make it that much more interesting. One thing that I did find could be improved is just the flow of the whole class. I know there are a lot of things to cover, but I found that we spent a whole class on twitter and never really followed up. It may be because I’m behind and missed a class, it could even be that I didn’t fully grasp the concept of the class, but that is one I thing I noticed. Overall the class is a great way to try new things. There defiantly things I would not figure to be fit for a learning environment, but I’m sure it all has its purpose, especially for people of my age.

-The Duke

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